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RioCan Windfields

RioCan Windfields

2600 – 2730 Simcoe Street North

Oshawa, ON L1H 7K4


Located at the intersection of Winchester Road East and Simcoe Street North in Oshawa, this mixed use development features retail space totalling 839,000 sq. ft, and 868 residential units. This development will be completed in Winter 2022.

Leasing Contact

Howard Werger
2300 Yonge Street Suite 500 P.O. Box 2386

p. 416-866-3033 x23556


Features & Highlights

  • Type: Mixed Use
  • GLA: 839,000


10 Km20 Km
Population 57,670495,954
Daytime Population 43,256407,087
Avg HH Income ($) $58,328$49,406
Number of Households 18,385169,940
Median Age 3739

Note: All demographic information is Copyright 2018 by Environics Analytics (EA).
Source: DemoStats 2017, DemoStats2018.

RioCan Windfields

Available Spaces
A1 13,600SF
A10 10,500SF
A11 8,500SF
A12 3,500SF
A13 9,100SF
A2 33,462SF
A3 35,000SF
A4 12,000SF
A5 23,000SF
A6 3,200SF
A7 2,000SF
A8 4,800SF
A9 3,500SF
A13.1 9,100SF
A13.3 0SF
A15.2 2,100SF
A4 9,300SF
A5.1 2,500SF
A6 3,200SF
A7 2,000SF
A8.1 2,200SF
A8.2 3,000SF
A9 3,500SF
A9.1 0SF
A9.2 0SF
A9.3 0SF
A9.4 0SF
A9.5 0SF
A9.6 0SF
B4 20,000SF
B5 20,000SF
B6 27,000SF
B7 5,000SF
B8 5,000SF
B9 5,000SF
C1 11,400SF
C2 0SF
C3 23,376SF
D1 12,375SF
D2 17,095SF
D3 9,750SF
E1 2,650SF
E2 9,600SF
E3 4,000SF
E4 30,000SF
F1 106,715SF
F2 12,000SF
F3 30,000SF
F4 21,250SF
F4A 21,250SF
F5 10,000SF
F6 7,000SF
F7 5,000SF
F8 21,000SF
A1 0SF
A11.1 0SF
A11.2 0SF
A12.1 0SF
A12.2 0SF
A13 0SF
A13.2 0SF
A13.3 0SF
A14 0SF
A15.1 0SF
A15.2 0SF
A2 0SF
A3 0SF
A4 0SF
A5 0SF
A6 0SF
A8 0SF
A8.1 0SF
A8.2 0SF
A9 0SF
A9.1 0SF
A9.2 0SF
A9.3 0SF
A9.4 0SF
A9.5 0SF
A9.6 0SF
B1 0SF
B2 0SF
B4 0SF
B5 0SF
B6 0SF
B7 0SF
B8 0SF
C1 0SF
C2 0SF
C3 0SF
C4 0SF
D1 0SF
D2 0SF
D3 0SF
E1 0SF
E2 0SF
E3 0SF
E4 0SF
F1 0SF
F2 0SF
F3 0SF
F4 0SF
F7 0SF
F8 0SF
F9 0SF
A13.1 0SF
A13.3 0SF
A14 12,000SF
A15.1 2,500SF
A15.2 2,100SF
A2 35,000SF
A3 17,500SF
A6 0SF
A7 0SF
A8.1 2,200SF
A8.2 3,000SF
A14.3 1,401SF
A14.4 1,228SF
A14.5 1,325SF
A14.6 1,402SF
14.20 2,406SF
Current Tenants
A1 National Grocer 45,103SF
A11.1 Pet Valu 0SF
A11.2 TD 5,500SF
A12.1 Panago Pizza 0SF
A12.2 Great Clips 0SF
A13.2 Dentist 0SF
A2 Future Development 35,000SF
A3 Future Development 17,500SF
A5 Tim Hortons 3,200SF
B1 Retail 55,475SF
B2 Retail 136,000SF
B3 Retail 35,000SF
A1 National Grocer 45,103SF
A11.1 Pet Valu 0SF
A11.2 TD 0SF
A12.1 Panago Pizza 0SF
A12.2 Great Clips 0SF
A13.2 Dentist 0SF
A4 Dollar Store 9,300SF
A5 Tim Hortons 3,200SF
A9 Scotiabank 3,500SF
A9.1 Nail Salon 0SF
A9.2 California Thai 0SF
A9.3 Hair Salon 0SF
A9.4 Bar Burrito 0SF
A9.5 Subway 0SF
A9.6 Symposium Cafe 3,000SF
A1 Freshco. 35,000SF
A10.1 Wendy's 2,200SF
A10.2 Sunset Grill 3,000SF
A11.1 Scotiabank 3,500SF
A11.2 Pedi N Nails 1,190SF
A11.3 California Thai 1,400SF
A11.4 Great Clips 1,200SF
A11.5 Bar Burrito 1,260SF
A11.6 Fabrik Hair Salon 2,000SF
A11.7 Symposium Cafe 3,000SF
A12.1 TD Canada Trust 5,000SF
A12.2 Hand & Stone Massage & Facial Spa 2,400SF
A12.4 Pet Valu 6,000SF
A12.5 Panago Pizza 1,200SF
A13 LCBO 6,000SF
A14 Pharmacy 2,800SF
A14.2 Wax Co. 1,400SF
A14.7/A14.8 Palm Court Caribbean Restaurant 2,800SF
A14.9/A14.10 Dr. Shai Levy Dentist 3,034SF
A2 Future Development 9,600SF
A3 Future Development 7,200SF
A4 The Canadian Brew House 7,000SF
A5 Dollarama 9,300SF
A6 Pita Pit 1,080SF
A6.1 Booster Juice 1,320SF
A6.2 Starbucks 2,100SF
A7 Tim Hortons 3,200SF
A8 Petro Canada Gas Bar 4,800SF
A9 Petro Canada 3,500SF
14.21 Tiny Hoppers 6,209SF

RioCan Windfields

Interactive Map

RioCan Windfields