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Mill Woods Town Centre

Mill Woods Town Centre

2331- 66th Street N.W.

Edmonton, AB T6K 4B5


With an impressive 105 units, and a separate 14 unit building, this enclosed shopping centre is home to an excellent mix of retailers including Co-op and Canadian Tire, located at the intersection of 23rd Avenue and 66th Street.


Leasing Contact

Joseph Attuah

p. 416-644-3024


Features & Highlights

  • Type: Enclosed Shopping Centre
  • GLA: 411,058
  • Parking Spaces: 3,199


10 Km20 Km
Population 418,7941,133,107
Daytime Population 407,1231,140,692
Avg HH Income ($) $123,271$119,126
Number of Households 151,054418,814
Median Age 3536

Note: All demographic information is Copyright 2018 by Environics Analytics (EA).
Source: DemoStats 2017, DemoStats2018.

Mill Woods Town Centre

Available Spaces
100 2,006SF
200A 986SF
216 819SF
101 6,639SF
203 6,382SF
205 1,995SF
309 2,996SF
312 2,575SF
314 968SF
315 951SF
320 1,823SF
332 1,175SF
333 855SF
341 1,307SF
401 3,595SF
504 585SF
601B 5,656SF
Current Tenants
101 Lifetime Eye Care 3,697SF
103 UC Medical Clinic 1,270SF
106 The Hearing Clinic 935SF
107 Health Net Pharmacy 497SF
110 City of Edmonton 7,801SF
200 South Edmonton Gastroenterology 1,322SF
204 Exelby & Partners Ltd. 743SF
206 Ellerslie Driving School 606SF
208 Inviva Pharmacare 706SF
210 Kentrexs 720SF
212 Khaira 824SF
214 Pure Clinics 822SF
219 Doherty, Schuldhaus LLP 4,274SF
220 Tawa Physiotherapy 3,000SF
304 Dr. Brar 1,292SF
306 Dr. Kris Chan 1,164SF
307 AWIN Insurance 1,689SF
312 Northern Lung Function 480SF
314 Mill Woods Maternity Care Clinic 1,639SF
320 Tawa Family Clinic 2,610SF
322 Dental Elements 3,216SF
333 Dr. Siffledeen 1,503SF
334 Dr. Wibrowski 1,971SF
OPA 14 Noodle Xtreme 1,988SF
OPA 15 Liquor Depot 1,864SF
OPA1 Learning Academy 6,973SF
OPA11 Top Shots 15,720SF
OPA12 Royal Pizza 2,716SF
OPA16 RBC Royal Bank 8,696SF
OPA17 Co-op Gas 433SF
OPA18 Starbucks 1,544SF
OPA2 Last Call Cold Beer, Wine & Spirits 4,783SF
OPA4 Money Mart 1,187SF
OPA5 Burger King 3,908SF
OPA6 Arby's 3,171SF
OPA7 Little Caesar's 1,280SF
OPA8 Marble Slab Creamery 1,172SF
K001 Luckylott 96SF
K002 Wireless Wave 200SF
K003 Virgin Mobile 0SF
K004 Cellular Stylez 150SF
K012 Wow! Mobile Boutique 150SF
K013 Koodo 200SF
K014 Cellicon 0SF
K050 Fido 0SF
MA02 Canadian Tire 87,863SF
MA03 Co-Op 48,766SF
107 Dollarama 1,009SF
113 Milano Club 1,627SF
115 Amba Jewellers 535SF
117 Telus 978SF
119 Scotiabank 6,343SF
207 Studio Nails 1,002SF
208 Chatr Mobile 263SF
209 Tanya Jewellers 978SF
210 Crew Barbershop 800SF
211 Smitty's 5,661SF
250 GoodLife Fitness 28,740SF
270 Himalayan Village 1,005SF
306 Ardene 4,716SF
313 Morning Sun Health Foods 499SF
316 Fido 812SF
318 Carat Jewellers 1,323SF
319 Game City 1,876SF
321 Tutti Fruitti 1,636SF
322 Subway 305SF
323 Tim Hortons 601SF
324 International News 395SF
324A Bell 1,390SF
325 Mad Hatter's Superstore 2,591SF
326 Coles 2,973SF
328 Vitality Health Foods 1,221SF
329 Warp Iii 1,350SF
330 Q-Nails 1,029SF
331 Scrub City Uniforms Ltd. 1,029SF
334 Lenscrafters 4,238SF
335 Play Pen Pets 2,022SF
337 Escada Hair International 1,452SF
338 Milano Bags & Baggage 1,475SF
340 M&M Food Market 1,318SF
405 RioCan Property Services 3,005SF
407 Kiddie Corner & Yasmin House Of Islamic 1,457SF
409 Fantasy Goldsmith 1,381SF
410 Jay Set 2,748SF
412 Hakim Optical 1,989SF
413 Revolver 2,113SF
414 Showcase 1,808SF
415 Black Diamond Tattoo Club 1,808SF
416A Cellphy 477SF
417 Shoppers Drug Mart 17,550SF
501 Mill Woods Tailors 875SF
502 Urban Brow 415SF
503 Flight Centre 625SF
506 Rogers 1,582SF
507 The Source 2,511SF
510 Mill Woods Town Centre Dental Clinic 3,579SF
514 New York Fries 320SF
515 Edo Japan 323SF
516 Taco Time 400SF
517 Famous Wok 400SF
518 A&W 400SF
519 Nato's Karivderya 313SF
520 Broasters Chicken 225SF
521 Orange Julius 225SF
524A The Shoe Company 6,850SF
600 Alberta Supports Centre 21,529SF
601A Alberta Supports Centre 5,000SF
605A 6Th Sense Cafe 675SF
605C Time Checker 325SF
606 Allure Salon 1,833SF
607 Pacific Immigration Office 990SF
700 Dauk Music School (t) 1,349SF

Mill Woods Town Centre

Interactive Map

Mill Woods Town Centre