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Georgian Mall
Bayfield St & Livingstone St.
509 Bayfield Street
Barrie, ON L4M 4Z8

Located at the intersection of Bayfield Street and Livingstone Street E. in Barrie, Ontario, this enclosed shopping centre offers an impressive tenant mix including 158 retail units totalling 601,755 sq. ft. featuring retailers such as Lululemon, Hudson's Bay,  SportChek/Atmosphere, HomeSense, H&M, F21 Red, Shoppers Drug Mart, Victoria's Secret, and Sephora.






  • Ample parking
  • Located in a prime retail node
  • Easily accessible by vehicle and public transit
  • Strong tenant mix
  • Serves a desirable demographic

Georgian Mall

  Coming Available
Available Spaces
A016 360 SF   B016 1,726 SF
B08A 786 SF   B09A 2,082 SF
E004 540 SF   J03A 1,203 SF
N011 4,044 SF   N037 2,207 SF
N042 1,619 SF   N51A 5,284 SF
Y002 122,000 SF  
Current Tenants
A004 Ricki's 3,312 SF
A008 La Senza 3,057 SF
A01A Champs Sports 4,148 SF
A011 Bluenotes 2,600 SF
A012 Zacks 2,067 SF
A02A Tip Top Tailors 3,118 SF
A04A Fairweather 4,906 SF
A06A Think Kitchen 2,085 SF
A07A West 49 2,041 SF
A09A Sunglass Hut 1,046 SF
A10A Shumaker 1,055 SF
A13A Northern Reflections 2,079 SF
A15A Laura Secord 664 SF
B006 Claire de Lune 1,152 SF
B007 TBooth 1,037 SF
B01B Peoples Jewellers 1,199 SF
B017 Stars Men's Shops 1,492 SF
B04A Yankee Candle 1,253 SF
B05A Best Buy 1,152 SF
B10B The Body Shop 1,251 SF
B10C Soft Moc 3,429 SF
B11A Oro Gold 936 SF
B12B Saje Natural Wellness 1,124 SF
B15C Shefield Express 361 SF
C01A Bell 1,491 SF
C03A The Fresh Tea Shop 859 SF
C03B Dairy Queen 580 SF
D001 Victoria's Secret 9,103 SF
D004 Kristals 1,300 SF
D005 Aerie 3,075 SF
D007 Call It Spring 1,499 SF
D008 Nygard 1,868 SF
D009 Jump Plus 1,882 SF
D010 Journeys 2,162 SF
D011 Green Earth 1,599 SF
D012 Jean Machine 1,882 SF
D013 Hot Topic 1,882 SF
D06A Cinema 1 1,182 SF
D14A Ardene 3,536 SF
D16A La Vie En Rose 3,384 SF
D17A Shoppers Drug Mart 10,000 SF
D18A H&M 18,169 SF
E002 Things Engraved 435 SF
E003 Kernels 435 SF
E01A Mr Pretzels 270 SF
E05A Griffin Jewellery Design 1,061 SF
E07A American Eagle Outfitters 4,239 SF
E09A Mountain Warehouse Outlet 3,187 SF
E11B Garage Clothing Co. 3,754 SF
E13A Bikini Village 1,009 SF
E14A Charm Diamond Centre 1,161 SF
F004 New York Fries 375 SF
F005 A&W 375 SF
F006 Manchu Wok 375 SF
F007 Guacamole Grill 380 SF
F008 Made In Japan Teriyaki Experience 375 SF
F010 Feta & Olives 375 SF
F012 Thai Express 411 SF
F03C Wikki Hut 508 SF
F09A Subway 368 SF
G01E Coles 3,020 SF
G01F Showcase 1,500 SF
G012 F21 Red 16,055 SF
G03C Hallmark 3,024 SF
H10A Urban Kids 10,960 SF
J001 Balta 1,234 SF
J004 Country Lane 1,466 SF
J005 Walking On A Cloud 1,834 SF
J016 Bank of Montreal 5,118 SF
J017 RioCan Management Office 640 SF
J018 Maverick Studio for Men 663 SF
J019 Melonhead Children's Haircutters 663 SF
J02A GNC 942 SF
J020 Continental Bank Of Canada 1,320 SF
J06A L'Attitudes 3,809 SF
J09A Stitch It 880 SF
J09B Mac's Sushi 578 SF
J09E Sunset Grill 2,150 SF
K003 Georgian Mall Family Dental 3,416 SF
K02A Lens Crafters 3,383 SF
N001 Laura Plus 2,783 SF
N003 Clarks 1,612 SF
N004 Mappins Jewellers 1,488 SF
N005 Laura/Laura Petites 3,736 SF
N008 The Disney Store 3,800 SF
N009 M.A.C. Cosmetics 899 SF
N010 Macjac "The Gift Of Art" 1,999 SF
N012 Gymboree 1,604 SF
N013 Davids Tea 635 SF
N014 Aldo 1,833 SF
N015 Calendar Club & Go Games 3,583 SF
N016 The Source 2,403 SF
N017 Pandora 1,233 SF
N018 Telus 1,454 SF
N019 Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory 734 SF
N020 Bath & Body Works 3,742 SF
N021 Bootlegger 2,907 SF
N022 Alia N Tan Jay 1,827 SF
N023 Quilts Etc. 2,022 SF
N024 Rogers 2,020 SF
N025 Flight Centre 1,589 SF
N026 Bizou 523 SF
N027 Starbucks 610 SF
N028 Claire's Boutique Or Claire's 874 SF
N029 EB Games 1,058 SF
N030 Virgin 720 SF
N031 Booster Juice 428 SF
N033 Dynamite 3,891 SF
N034 Bentley 1,744 SF
N035 Zumiez 3,695 SF
N036 Guess 3,339 SF
N038 Lululemon 3,695 SF
N039 Sephora 3,694 SF
N040 RW & Co. 3,630 SF
N041 Boathouse 3,617 SF
N043 Le Chateau 5,345 SF
N044 Cellicon 1,111 SF
N046 Blackwell 1,686 SF
N049 Pearle Vision 2,388 SF
N050 Natural Solutions 1,335 SF
N051 Moxie's 7,018 SF
N06A Torrid 3,000 SF
N10A Anna Bella 928 SF
N25A Caryl Baker Visage 541 SF
N26A Lids 798 SF
N32A Roots 2,572 SF
N32B Yves Rocher 558 SF
N32C Fido 909 SF
N44A Nails For You 1,023 SF
N44D Michael Hill Jeweller 954 SF
N45A Bonkers 1,538 SF
N45B Tim Hortons 1,544 SF
N47A Dr. Rebecca L. Kershain Hulbert 3,937 SF
N47B Eye Candy 540 SF
N48A Spencer's 1,885 SF
Y004 Hudson's Bay Company 90,748 SF
Y007 SportChek 40,734 SF
Y008 HomeSense 24,822 SF
Z013 Wow! Mobile Boutique 150 SF
Z014 Kurves Brow Bar 150 SF
Z016 Vivah 205 SF
Z019 Freedom Mobile 120 SF
Z02A Wirelesswave 200 SF
Z09B Koodo 200 SF
Z18A Future Tech 150 SF

Georgian Mall

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