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Tanger Outlets St. Sauveur
Chemin Jean-Adam & Rue Robert
100-105 Avenue Guindon
Saint-Sauveur, QC J0R 1R6

Located near Mont Saint Sauveur, this outdoor outlet shopping centre offers 32 units for major retailers including Atmosphere, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess Factory Outlet and Reebok.


  • Ample parking
  • Located in a heavy traffic area
  • Excellent accessibility near a major intersection
  • Excellent mix of national retailers
  • Serves a desirable demographic


Note: All demographic information is Copyright 2018 by Environics Analytics (EA). Source: DemoStats 2017, DemoStats2018.

Tanger Outlets St. Sauveur

  Coming Available
Available Spaces
170A 2,070 SF   170B 1,734 SF
J1 1,300 SF   L 2,452 SF
Current Tenants
100D Chlorophylle 3,210 SF
105 Puma 3,165 SF
105A McDonald's
105B Le March? S. Bourassa
105C Le Garage 4,896 SF
105D Firma 7,179 SF
105E Guess? 1,028 SF
105F Boulangerie La Parisienne Caf?terrasse
105G Guess? 3,526 SF
105H Caroline Neron
105I Fou D'Elle 620 SF
105K Ecko Unltd 3,606 SF
153 Surplus 2,400 SF
155 Chaussures Yellow 2,688 SF
160 Melanie Lyne 4,376 SF
170 Tommy Hilfiger 8,000 SF
180 Stokes 4,000 SF
180A La Vie En Rose 4,000 SF
180B Carter's Osh Kosh 4,286 SF
190 Atmosphere 12,188 SF
773 DWB Consultants 16,387 SF
AB00 Reebok 5,379 SF
E000 Bench 2,376 SF
F100 Crocs Outlet 1,454 SF
G001 Bentley 1,402 SF
G002 Naturalizer 2,105 SF
I Point Zero Femme 620 SF
J2 Point Zero Liquidation 7,244 SF
K Point Zero Enfant 7,244 SF
SA1 Shadow Anchor
SA2 Shadow Anchor
SA3 Shadow Anchor

Tanger Outlets St. Sauveur

Tanger Outlets St. Sauveur

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