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Lévis Small
110-128 Route Du President Kennedy
Levis, QC G6V 6V7

Located at the intersection of Route du President-Kennedy & Rive-Sud in Lévis, the unenclosed centre offers 8 units totalling 19,003 sq. ft featuring retailers such as Le Grenier and La Place du Matelas.


  • Located in a heavy traffic area
  • Easily accessible

Lévis Small

  Coming Available
Current Tenants
110 Mike's 3,200 SF
112 Le Grenier 4,200 SF
116 Boulangerie Patisserie Bernillon 2,007 SF
118 Pro-Ongles 1,000 SF
120 Lunetterie Farhat 1,830 SF
124 Eros & Compagnie 2,351 SF
126 Sushi X 1,215 SF
128 Place Du Matelas 3,200 SF

Lévis Small

Lévis Small

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