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Mega Centre Rive Sud
625 Rue De La Concorde
Lévis, QC G6W 8A8

Located at the intersection of Boulevard de la Rive Sud & Avenue des Eglises in Levis, this new unenclosed centre offers 26 units totalling 393,628 sq. ft featuring retailers such as Walmart, Canadian Tire, The Home Depot, and Sports Experts.


  • Ample parking
  • Located in a prime retail node
  • Excellent mix of national retailers

Mega Centre Rive Sud

  Coming Available
Available Spaces
B005 1,523 SF   C020 1,199 SF
Current Tenants
A010 La Vie En Rose 4,657 SF
A020 Reitmans 4,697 SF
A025 Carter's 4,196 SF
A030 Stokes 3,834 SF
A040 Stitches 5,232 SF
A045 Pentagone 3,227 SF
A050 Club Chaussure 4,336 SF
A054 Ardene 5,468 SF
B001 Thyme Maternity 3,126 SF
B020 Claire-France 3,059 SF
B025 Le Grenier 3,420 SF
B030 Sports Experts 15,416 SF
B040 Hockey Experts
B045 Penningtons 4,588 SF
B050 Suzy Shier 3,069 SF
B055 The Source 1,997 SF
B060 New Look Eyewear 3,524 SF
C010 Bijouterie Dakor 1,519 SF
C015 Telus 1,481 SF
C025 Café Depot 1,984 SF
D030 Poissonnerie Nemeau 1,400 SF
D040 Bell 1,005 SF
D055 Popeye's Supplements 1,574 SF
D065 Pieces D'Auto Economiques 2,988 SF
E010 TD 4,310 SF
M1 The Home Depot
M2 Canadian Tire
MEZ1 Sports Experts 2,566 SF
PAD1 Walmart 111,930 SF

Mega Centre Rive Sud

Mega Centre Rive Sud

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