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Centre RioCan Kirkland
3000-3430 Jean Yves
Kirkland, QC H9J 2R6

Located at the intersection of Chemin Ste-Marie & Hwy. 40 in Quebec, this unenclosed centre offers 19 units totalling 219,445 sq. ft featuring retailers such as Bouclair, Famous Players Coliseum and Winners.


  • Ample parking
  • Located in a heavy traffic area
  • Easily accessible


Note: All demographic information is Copyright 2018 by Environics Analytics (EA). Source: DemoStats 2017, DemoStats2018.

Centre RioCan Kirkland

  Coming Available
Available Spaces
A001 25,691 SF   A005 4,920 SF
A006 3,714 SF   B001 6,028 SF
B002 6,102 SF   B005 14,424 SF
B006 6,139 SF   B011 5,140 SF
C002 8,502 SF   D001 5,090 SF
D002 4,843 SF  
Current Tenants
1 Cineplex 87,467 SF
A002 Winners 30,315 SF
A007 Double Pizza 2,898 SF
A008 Bouclair 10,187 SF
B007 Bombay 4,737 SF
B008 Buzzfit 16,293 SF
B014 Isaute 26,439 SF
C001 Spirit Halloween 7,232 SF
C003 Dollarama 10,211 SF
D003 Linen Chest 9,958 SF
E001 Jeux d'?vasion ?vadez-vous 2,938 SF
E002 Subway 2,096 SF
E003 Thai Express 2,097 SF
P2 Tim Hortons 3,030 SF
PAD1 Madison New York Grill & Bar 5,003 SF
PAD2 Clinique Veterinaire Timberlea 5,150 SF

Centre RioCan Kirkland

Centre RioCan Kirkland

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